Reflections: 10 Reasons for Living with Less

April 16, 2012

Popping in this morning to say a little hello as the week gets started! The weekend was great – lots of pottery and downtime with hubby. I wanted to re-share this favorite post that originally went up in March 2011. It’s still how we’re living today, if not even more so. Tell me, friends, what [...]

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Molding Clay

April 15, 2012

Spending the day in the pottery studio yesterday was the perfect activity to get out of my head and into my body. It felt great, molding clay into the forms and concepts I’ve been inspired to create while being pregnant. Cheers to creating! I hope you all are having a creative, beautiful weekend! Here’s to hoping [...]

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Simple Scenes

April 14, 2012

Here are a few Simple Scenes for your Saturday — I hope they inspire feelings of creativity, freedom and relaxation. Wouldn’t you love to have had the image above taken during your engagement photo shoot? I love it, so simple and sweet. What’s on your agenda this weekend? Cooking, entertaining friends and family, a DIY project, [...]

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Freezable Recipes

April 13, 2012

Filling the Freezer: What’s better than doubling (or tripling) recipes to stock your freezer full of home-cooked meals? I’ve actually been doing this for months to prepare for baby, so here’s a peek at the recipes I’ve found helpful! Prosperous Black Eyed Peas Creamy Avocado Pesto (I make extra of the sauce and freeze it for [...]

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Shades of Lavender and Blush

April 12, 2012

It’s that time of year, the time when the world is blooming and color abounds from all directions.We have red, purple and yellow tulips appearing in the most unexpected spots, seeking sunshine and warmth. I can’t seem to get enough of two particular hues that are everywhere, lavender and blush: in our neighbor’s yard, on [...]

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Nesting a Home

April 11, 2012

It was about a month ago when I realized I had to allow my focus to shift without guilt. I had to let myself give into the urge to get everything organized and be ahead of those little things that creep into my mind just as I’m about to fall asleep. So, I’ve been tackling it [...]

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Hubby Picks: Putney Wall Clock

April 4, 2012

Whether it’s a wooden sailboat or a clock, Hubby loves all things timeless. When shopping for décor, he loves to chime in, often tempering my minimalist style with a hint of historicism. Here’s his latest pick, and I’m over the moon. At 17.5″ in diameter, this Putney Wall Clock was $160. It now adorns our [...]

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Nesting a Nursery on Apartment Therapy

March 23, 2012

Can ya tell I’ve been a little distracted lately? And, no, it’s not because our baby boy has arrived. In fact, he’s still tucked in, nice and securely. We’ve been finishing up the nursery, working on our second floor bedrooms and catching up with friends as much as possible. Oh, and I’ve also been walking [...]

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Pesto by Tiger in a Jar

March 21, 2012

This video from Tiger in a Jar is stunning and serene. Waking up this morning, seeking nothing but simplicity and reprieve, this was the perfect way to dream of how I’d love my day to go: thoughtfully, with care and patience. But, I must admit, I don’t make pesto by hand. I do happen to [...]

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Daffodil Yellow

March 20, 2012

In honor of the first day of spring — hip hip hooray! — I thought I’d share with you a favorite hue, which also happens to be a favorite flower, the yellow daffodil. They are the first sign of spring, the first promise that sunny weather will warm our skin once again. They can be seen from [...]

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