Friday Reflections: Living in the Dimensions of Past Generations

by Landis Carey on May 13, 2013

Have you ever walked into a home and thought: “oh, how charming is the old woodwork” or “listen to the floorboards squeak” or perhaps it was more like “there’s not enough closet space in this house for me.”

Yes, I understand. Even though these are usually the reactions of the people on House Hunters, I can generally understand where they’re going with the complaints and wide-eyed stares. We live in such a house; it’s not an extreme version where you must duck when walking through the doorways but it certainly is not a newly-built home with open-plan living and tall bright spaces. So, I’m here to chalk-up the challenges and loves I have for our old home.


  • Closet space
  • Small dimensions make choosing furniture challenging. There’s no way I could go to Pottery Barn and purchase a dresser or couch. Furniture designed for the modern, open-plan home just doesn’t work in the dimensions of our ancestors, who when our home was built weight an average…


  • Charm
  • Separate living spaces, meaning not one giant open plan room, means having privacy and quiet from the television and not always having to see your messy kitchen.
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