Baby Steps (hint…new column alert!)

by Landis Carey on August 2, 2012

Baby Steps: Reflections as I tiptoe out of the postpartum cocoon and baby step into my role as wife, mother, homemaker, potter and writer.

It’s hard to deny that my life changed on April 21st. It did, it forever did. And I’m not sure why I ever thought it wouldn’t. Perhaps it’s the naivety of all new parents. Sure, I knew somewhere deep down things would be a little different, but there was no way to prepare myself for what was to come. I guess it was best summed up by my acupuncturist (the amazing healer who helped launch me into labor!) when he said, “this baby is going to rock your world.”

Well, he has and he is, and I’m sure it’ll continue for the rest of my life. I love my new world; it’s as if someone hit the reset button on the cable box and the channel we landed on is much brighter and its programming more intense. It’s as if my life has finally started, we’ve arrived.  I’ve begun saying exactly what I mean, and quickly…because, after all, who has time to pause? Sure, my brain sometimes lapses and forgets words, but generally things are much more clear. I know what I want, I now know what I’ve always wanted.

I feel everything we’ve done has been to prepare us for this time. We’ve nested, we’ve adventured, we’ve learned, and now it’s time to baby step into this endless adventure…

(Image from our newborn shoot with the talented naki studios)

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sos August 8, 2012 at 12:49 pm

good analogy. i just saw this entry today. it’s easy to understand how the little guy takes up a lot of your time and of course, he’s worth every second of it.


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