Nesting a Home

by Landis Carey on April 11, 2012

It was about a month ago when I realized I had to allow my focus to shift without guilt. I had to let myself give into the urge to get everything organized and be ahead of those little things that creep into my mind just as I’m about to fall asleep. So, I’ve been tackling it all head on. Check out this INSANE list…

  • Stocking the freezer with home-cooked meals
  • Wiping down bathroom sinks & mirrors daily
  • Vacuuming baseboards
  • A load of laundry a day
  • Baking (by the way, this is the best from-scratch chocolate cupcake recipe ever!)
  • Not just cleaning but scrubbing the kitchen nightly
  • Stocking the cupboard with essentials
  • Cleaning out the refrigerator
  • Proactively having our home’s systems maintained
  • Completing home projects that have been on hold for months
  • Constant organizing (everything from paperwork to clothing)
  • Vacuuming the main floor every other day
  • Pre-scheduling all bill payments
  • Organizing insurance coverage
  • Paring back our belongings and scheduling donation pick-ups

I’m usually a pretty organized person, but today my old self would barely recognize this hyper-organized person I’ve become, and this makes me wonder…

Is this oh-so-typical nesting phase teaching me better ways to manage our home so when the baby arrives and my responsibilities expand, I can then find the state of our house somewhere back in its old, not-so-hyper-organized state?

Tell me, friends, what was your experience? What was the craziest nesting chore you did?

(Image: Landis Carey)

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