Daffodil Yellow

by Landis Carey on March 20, 2012

In honor of the first day of spring — hip hip hooray! — I thought I’d share with you a favorite hue, which also happens to be a favorite flower, the yellow daffodil. They are the first sign of spring, the first promise that sunny weather will warm our skin once again. They can be seen from above, through the bare trees, their rich green stems making them stand tall as they announce their presence.

Adding a splash of Daffodil Yellow can brighten any room. I love this pillow from the registry site NewlyWish. We have two in our living room — one we won in a giveaway and we loved it so much we ordered its match. They certainly add a punch of cheer!

(Images: While She Naps, Etsy Shop Fruit Fly Pie, Etsy Shop Little Brown Pen, Spoonflower)

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