Modern Simplicity

by Landis Carey on February 24, 2012

Over the past week I’ve been challenged to think about Modern Simplicity, what it is and what it means in terms of design. I’ve always admired the theories of Russel Wright, so to further explore modernity, I thought I’d like to better understand how his theories were seen as radical. Even though I don’t agree with his view of mass production, I very much connect with his sense of simplicity. As I’ve trucked along, re-reading his Guide to Easier Living, I’ve been pondering what modern simplicity might look like in execution, in a home.

After a bit of clicking, I selected the image above as a space I think represents Modern Simplicity. It’s cheerful, functional, design-friendly, clean and modern, but it’s still soft and inviting. It’s not too stark or too stuffy and it gives the viewer a sense of welcome. It’s a place I’d love to have breakfast.

What about you, would you like to dine here?

(Image via Design*Sponge)

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