Seeing Stripes: Choosing the Right Scale

by Landis Carey on January 25, 2012

I’ve recently fallen hard for stripes. Not that I didn’t love them before but lately I’ve been fascinated with their scale and the crisp color combinations that seem to be popping up all around.

Whether you’re in market for new curtains, a comfy couch or an area rug, there’s a few things to consider when choosing stripes for a room. Large scale, boldly contrasting striped rugs belong in bigger rooms where there’s space to admire the repeating pattern from afar while smaller stripes can adorn throw pillows and small accents and even peacefully protect the floor in a smaller room.What happens if you use a small stripe in a large room?. Nothing terrible, of course, but rather than seeing the repeating pattern of the textile, it might blend and read as a solid color instead. There might be one exception to this rule: using a large scale, soft colored stripe in a small room could work, and I might just have a few after pics to share in a week or so!

Love the rugs above? Me too! They’re available here and here from West Elm and here from Crate & Barrel.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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