Keeping a Recipe & Menu Journal

by Landis Carey on October 18, 2011

Salted Caramels

Yesterday I spent a little time in the kitchen trying my hand at Sea Salt Caramels. The recipe from Judicial Peach was easy-to-follow and didn’t call for any exotic ingredients. Plus it was super yummy! It’s definitely a keeper, but of course there are alterations I’ll make as I prepare holiday goodies.

All of this got me thinking: I need an organized, non-permanent way to notate recipes, especially those housed in my beautifully-bound, artful cookbooks. Since I like to experiment and improve upon, it seems a little extreme to permanently mark them up as though they are college textbooks, especially if I’m simply noting potential suggestions.

So, I turned to Martha to see what she’d say, and of course she had a solution: keep a recipe and entertaining journal where you can record recipes and alterations as well as entertaining menus. Note where you located the recipes, which wines you paired with your menu and your guest list. Doing so will help you plan your next dinner party and will also create a journal that your children and grandchildren will cherish.

This seems like a brilliant practice I wish I’d started years ago. After all, the holidays typically roll in and I wonder what was served the previous year and where that recipe is located.

Tell me, friends, how do you organize and notate your recipes? Do you keep an entertaining journal?

(Image: Judicial Peach)

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