Update: Project Unplug

by Landis Carey on July 21, 2011

broken lamp

It was almost a month ago that I vowed to unplug from the Internet several times a week for balance. While I haven’t kept the exact hours I intended, I have disconnected and broken away more than before. I’ve been batching my email and work as well as making the most of my plugged-in time. What have I been doing while disconnected?

  • Photographing pottery.
  • Making pottery.
  • Reading a book about nutrition.
  • Running at least three times a week.
  • I attempted to revamp the lamp pictured above, but it was broken by the cleaning crew several days prior. It had been on my DIY To-Do…sad, sad day.
  • My least favorite chore: cleaning out the refrigerator.
  • Reading a magazine about canning.
  • Napping.

So as you can see, overall the activities I’ve added to my life during the hours I’ve unplugged are nourishing and healthy. This is just what I was after! But I’ve also learned a few things in the process:

  • Because I’m spending more time unplugged, I feel more intentional as I go about my day.
  • Putting your phone away, where it’s out of sight, lessens temptation.
  • Speaking of the phone, calls can be really distracting! They pull you away from whatever you’re doing and get you off track.
  • My tendency to “wander” around the Internet signifies I need a break. I’m learning to head out for a run or for lunch when I feel this way.
  • Turning off my computer’s sound helps me stay focused. And I’m not talking about music; rather, I’m referring to all those beeps and dings that indicate a new email or Tweet.

So far, so good.  More updates to come!

Also, isn’t it kind of silly that this post is titled Project Unplug and I show a picture of a broken, unplugged lamp? I didn’t realize until after the post was written how silly this really is.

(Image: Landis Carey)

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