Five Favorite Finds

by Landis Carey on July 20, 2011

White Whale Moby Dick Supersized Wood Art Sign by Slippin Southern

Encountering Favorite Finds is a simpler process than Décor Hunting. They are found while I’m strolling the Internet, looking for great new ideas. Unlike a Décor Hunt where I’ve purposefully set out with my camera in tow looking for fabulous goods, a Find is a little more unexpected.

I don’t often make purchases during my Hunts or Finds; rather, I like to collect their pictures and share their beauty. It’s a great way to identify what décor and style you’re looking to add to your home.

The image atop is a whale to hang on our (fictional) Nantucket dream home: a small, charming cottage with enough space for Hubby and I to visit with a few friends in tow. Sounds nice, right? The whale is hand-cut, 41″ long and sells for $89 from Slippin Southern.

Hello, sweet Royal Haeger striped vase. You’re lovely and for only $48 from Barking Sands Vintage, you’ll find a loving home.

Mid Century Los Angeles by Lucy Snowe

I’d really like to hop on a plane to LA right about now to see such lovely, wiry palm trees, like in the Lucy Snowe print above.

Modern Numbers Clock White by Uncommon

A perfectly simple minimal clock for either a space of its likeness or one where colorful patterned wallpaper is only anchored by this $52 piece from Uncommon.

Screen-printed Dish Towels with Red Poppies by Michelle Brusegaard

After ditching paper towels earlier this year, we all know my heart skips a beat for kitchen linens, especially ones that are soft, absorbent and sweet like this Screen-Printed Set of Four that sells for $20.

Moral of this post: Collect images of décor and finds that you love. Doing so will inspire you as plan your next purchase or even the entire redesign of your home. Websites like Pinterest are a great place to collect such images!

(Images: as linked)

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