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by Landis Carey on July 19, 2011

Are you noticing a few new links and images today on Mint Peach? How about that one atop that’s titled Pottery Shop? Or how about the thumbnails over to the right?

Well, I finally forged ahead and listed Mint Peach Home on Etsy. I’m offering small, medium and large one-of-a-kind serving bowls for $40, $55 and $70 respectively. Why are the pieces one-of-a-kind, you ask? Well, here’s why…

When creating functional dinnerware on a potter’s wheel there’s a certain satisfaction from being able to replicate ten plates or bowls in a row, without missing a beat. I love the movement, the lessons each form present and the pace the practice sets in time.

I also love breaking this rhythm by throwing a unique serving bowl or platter between sets. Making one of a kind serving dishes is satisfying in a different kind of way. Beginning with four, five or six pounds of clay, the form can become any shape, as long as it’s useful and beautiful. I find the creative burst from throwing a unique piece between sets paces my work in a balanced, centered way.

Throwing sets improves my skill while throwing a one of a kind serving piece inspires the potter and host in me. I think to myself, what can I fix to be served in such a form? And better yet, who is coming to dinner?

So if you love a piece, order quickly because I can’t promise the next time I’m inspired the same form will result. Color is easy to replicate, but inspiration comes in various ways: some days I’m thinking garden salad complete with cracked pepper, feta and tomatoes while other days I’m dreaming of a side of roasted beets or balled watermelon sprinkled with mint. It may depend on the weather, but I also can’t discount the season or time of day. Inspiration strikes when it strikes, and that’s the beauty of a one-of-a-kind piece…it gives a little insight about the meal I dreamt of hosting.

(Images: Landis Carey)

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