Frames from Nantucket: Changing Paces

by Landis Carey on July 11, 2011

We spent our last full day in Nantucket, which was Friday, adventuring around with the camera in tow. The day had a sleepy start, waking up to dense fog, and we had no motivation to move too quickly through the hours.

The day before, Thursday, we’d hopped on our bikes, grabbed sandwiches from the sweetest little shop and headed south to Cisco Beach. The day was hot and sunny but nothing that our SPF 30 couldn’t handle. We were both well into our books so we spent the day enjoying the sounds and comforts that only the ocean can provide.

So, waking up to a sleepier atmosphere on Friday was okay: we’d both soaked in enough sun and also had the excitement and relaxation of our next Nantucket trip to look forward to. After learning our cottage was available again at the end of August, we quickly signed up for the open week that leads to Labor Day. Hubby and I rarely take vacations, so this is a real treat, indeed.

As I reflect back to Friday’s adventure I realize that, although it began with the rhythm of our flip flops flopping, it picked up pace as we happened along our journey, a journey we never really intended to take.

Our adventure began on the quietest quaintest street in Nantucket—Cobblestone Hill is a short little drive that I’d been admiring for days for its moss covered yet highly manicured wall—and passed us through a sparsely populated beach and by empty sailboats.  As we wound our way into town, we crossed paths with the shoppers, retailers and diners that were filling the streets. Their energy was still sleepier than that of a Midtown morning but it was as if our encounters were waking us up to the realities that awaited.

We perused a few shops—one in particular I LOVED and will share its décor hunt later this week—and thought about lunch. As we were crossing one street to get to another, we happened upon a Mini Cooper convertible for rent. We hadn’t been in a car in six days—a treat in and of itself—and Hubby has been completely dying to drive one for years, so I knew there was no stopping what was to come.

Hubby convinced the company to let us rent it for the afternoon for a completely reasonable price. So, we jumped in and headed west to Madaket for lunch then east for a drive around Siasconset. The top was down and the trees were whipping by. As we drove east, I turned and looked past hubby to see what I imagine parts of Africa to be like.

As our pace continued to quicken throughout the day I knew our vacation was winding down. We were heading back to Maplewood in a few short hours, so I savored every moment of the time that remained. It was the most wonderful week away: well-balanced adventure, activity and down time.

It was just what we needed and I’m so thankful we were able to change paces long enough to see the textures, hear the sounds and feel the comforts of our surroundings.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Tell me, what were you up to? Did your time quickly pass or were you able to savor every moment?

(Images: Landis Carey)

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