The Soft, Sweet Décor of Allison Miller’s Abode

by Landis Carey on June 30, 2011

I think my taste might be changing. Yes, I know, it’s surprising…even to me. Or maybe it’s summer and I’m dreaming of soft, sweet spaces?

When I first saw this home tour on Etsy I fell in love, and I keep going back to figure out just why I feel that way. Could it be my fascination resides with its location, Sanford, FL, which is near where I grew-up? Or maybe I’m dreaming of a summer cottage to spend a week or two? Or maybe I’m intrigued by the easy going, relaxed vibe its loved, thoughtful décor exudes? Whatever it is, I need to figure out how to give our home that same softness.

Tell me, do you love this space? If yes, what are you drawn to? Which details do you love?

(Images: via Etsy)

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SOS June 30, 2011 at 11:45 pm

observations: pastel colors everywhere, including accessories, easy, casual. and a greater number of accessories, several w/non-angular soft shapes, and some older things (luggage). pastel kitchen items displayed on open shelving in white and light-colored kitchen. the rooms evoke a breezy summer afternoon — in sunny FLA perhaps — reminiscent of your earlier life. :)


Landis Carey July 1, 2011 at 8:25 am

You’re totally right, SOS. It’s definitely the pastels. I’m not sure I want to add these hues, but I might be able to take direction from the breezy drapery and loved decor, such as the suitcases. We’re off to Nantucket, so maybe I’ll come across something neat there to bring home with us!


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