Unplugging for Balance

by Landis Carey on June 29, 2011

Last night Hubby and I were up in our third floor office space working on our computers until almost midnight. The alarm went off at 6 am this morning, and I was back at my desk a short while later. I need to unplug and be creative. The past few weeks, post Mint Peach Home launch, I’ve spent too much time on the computer and not enough time doing. My DIY To-Do is at a standstill and it was just yesterday that I headed to the ceramic supply store to replace my kiln shelves, a task I’ve been meaning to do since the beginning of June.

Part of my imbalance is my own fault, of course. I’ve mentioned my tendency towards such existence before, so here’s my plan to avert this terrible habit.

The Plan: I’ll begin with a Media Fast, which as Maxwell (founder of Apartment Therapy) shows us in the video above it can feel like a bit of a detox. Though this dramatization of such a fast is quite hilarious (this video ALWAYS makes me laugh), there’s something about his point of feeling the shakes. I imagine my fingers twitching as my arm reaches for my iPhone every 5 seconds just to realize it’s nowhere around.

How I’ll Spend my Unplugged Time: I’ll create, attack my DIY To-Do, work on Mint Peach Home, cook and rest. Basically I’ll do things that I can later share with you here on Mint Peach. Sure, it’s a backwards incentive to rest and relax, but hey…I have to convince myself of the benefits, right?!

How Often I’ll Unplug: Twice a week from 2 pm until bedtime? Is that reasonable? Oh goodness, I’m already feeling nervous about this?!

The hope is that such a practice incites greater efficiency during the time I’m allowed at my desk. I do have responsibilities and deadlines, so I must plan accordingly. I’m definitely a good planner and task manager, so I can do this, right?

Tell me, friends: How do you find balance? Do you unplug? Or am I just totally fooling myself here?

(Video: Apartment Therapy)

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Christie June 29, 2011 at 11:50 am

I had an unintentional unplugging last week and didn’t realize how much I needed it! My college roommate got married in Bermuda (I will forever be grateful for the perfect getaway excuse) and using cell phones over there was way to expensive. It was such an amazing place we also never turned on the tv – instead either talked, read (I went through 3 books pretty quickly) or found something to do. I definitely had the reflex to check the phone but that quickly went away – I even went without a watch.

Living by myself I don’t think I can go without tv but I am trying not to turn it on til 8 and get my bad tv fix then. I get so much more done without the distraction and call of the comfy couch.


Landis Carey June 29, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Christie, not sure how I missed your comment earlier today?! Your vacation sounds fantastic and restful! I bet you had perfect weather!

We’re going away soon, as well, and I’m debating leaving my laptop behind. We’re not going abroad so connection shouldn’t be too difficult. I definitely don’t plan on doing any work work but I’d love to share images, etc at least here on MP. About the TV…I totally find it and the “call” of the comfy couch hard to pass up at least a fews days a week, especially when it’s nighttime and the world has quieted. But generally we’re pretty good about turning everything off and reading before bedtime, which I actually find helps me sleep more soundly.

Which books did you read? I’m totally needing to revamp my reading list!


Christie June 30, 2011 at 3:16 pm

I hope you have a great trip! I vote leave the laptop behind. If for no other reason then it’s one less thing to carry around (I just lugged mine to and from a conference and it would’ve been great to be without it). I’m heading home in about a week and hope to do a small unplug while I’m there – at least from the computer. The phone I’ll just use less.

I’m with you on reading before bed. I always sleep better, and fall asleep faster, when I read. I can’t remember what books I read in Bermuda – one was just a quickie I picked up because I ran out of books. However, if you haven’t read The Help or Glass Castle yet, I would highly recommend those!


Jessica June 30, 2011 at 11:53 am

I’m about to head out for five days & I am 90% sure that I’m leaving my laptop behind. I think that if it’s not there and I need it, I can definitely hop on another computer. But if it’s there, so is the temptation to jump on ‘just to look at one quick thing’ and now I’m considering leaving it at home. We will see. :)

While I won’t be completely disconnected (only travel abroad could make me lose my iPhone completely!) I think that just unplugging from the internet could be a good thing.


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