Décor Hunting While Blogging

by Landis Carey on June 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I mentioned Old Crow Farm here on Mint Peach, and I also admitted I did something I try very hard not to do: décor hunt while blog. Because I spend quite a bit of time scouring the Internet for great finds for Re-Nest I come across so many fun stores and wares that I have to temper my impulse to purchase. I do this for two reasons: one is because they are just that, expensive impulses, and the other reason is our effort to Live with Less.

However, this item, the one pictured above, made the cut! It’s a vintage distressed 24 slot metal storage cupboard that was once used in a post office. Something exactly like it had been on my mind for a few months, though I never knew where to seek one out.

Turning our third floor into a functioning home office where I not only blog but also manage our household and my business expenses as well as sew and store fabric has been quite the challenge. It gets better every time I work at making it more functional, but since we are starting from scratch, establishing our organization methods for the first time, we are learning as we go. And we definitely needed additional ways to separate and store.

The piece arrived yesterday and is on the porch waiting to be brought up. I plan to work on the third floor this weekend…which makes me think the transformation of the space would make great content for Frames from Our Weekend…

How is everyone on this Thursday? We went to the Eddie Vedder concert at The Beacon Theatre last night and I’m still in the fog of the greatest concert I’ve ever seen. Oh, how I love that ukulele.

(Image: Old Crow Farm)

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SOS June 23, 2011 at 1:01 pm

That is a great piece – talk about re-purposing! You’ll love its usefulness over the years.

A few decades back, we had a larger version, it was wood, sat on the floor in the family room…a sorting piece, also from an old post office. We used it basically as a wine rack, but it wound up also as storage for just about anything that would fit in the cubbies. My husband found it at an antiques store.


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