A Clip of Our Weekend

by Landis Carey on June 13, 2011

Because hubby jumped in last weekend, helping to make the Artist Studio Tour and Mint Peach Home a success, I promised him a day of sailing, no matter what the weather, no complaints. So, Saturday morning we woke early, around 6:30, headed downstairs for a bite and coffee then slowly made our way out of the house, geared up in our shorts, boat shoes, long sleeves and windbreakers. The weather wasn’t completely menacing in its appearance, but you did get a general sense that, at any moment, the skies could open and you’d be completely soaked.

Despite the clouds and spitting rain, we persisted. We drove down to the shore, found our way to the sailing center and hopped on a 23-foot full-keel sailboat. It was older and rickety but the type of boat that we couldn’t make go too fast, basically perfect as we continue to learn what in the world we’re doing.

We sailed until a little after noon then headed north for lunch. After making our way home, we rested for a few hours, I snapped a few frames, none of which were very compelling considering the day’s light, and we ended our evening with sushi rolls and a comedy show, right in Maplewood’s village center.

It was the perfect Saturday: A quiet, rejuvenating outdoor adventure followed by a little rest and lots of laughter with friends.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, as well! Sadly, I never made it to Brooklyn for Renegade. Next time, I hope!

(Video: Landis Carey)

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