Reading Roundup

by Landis Carey on May 27, 2011

Happy long weekend! What is everyone up to? We’re around for the next few days: I still have a few things to prepare for next weekend’s show and hubby has been a little under the weather, so perhaps Sunday or Monday we’ll venture to the marina and find our way onto a little sailboat. Now that would be a lovely break!

Here are a few things I’ve been saving to share!

I posted the video above on Re-Nest yesterday, but because it tells such a great story and was so artfully produced, I thought you’d love it, too.

Who else wants to make a homemade reed diffuser?

We know I love mint. After all, it is my favorite herb. Here I share with Re-Nest readers the Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Mint. Anything on the list that I missed?

I fell in love with this ikat rug from Luke Irwin when I first saw is on Apartment Therapy last week. I still can’t stop thinking about the collection (which has been crazy popular on the blogosphere the past few days!).

Oh, Heath Ceramics, you are dear to my heart! Here’s a great post from TeenAngster about Edith and her fascination with glaze chemistry!

Happy Weekend! XO

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