Sara Paloma Pottery

by Landis Carey on May 25, 2011

For the past few weeks I’ve spent almost every hour, at least those that I’m not blogging, in my basement pottery studio preparing my new collection Mint Peach Home for launch. It’s been an absolute blast, a time I’ll look back on with adoration. Sure, the kitchen is a little messy and clean laundry still sits waiting to be put away, but it’s all worth it.

When I do have a minute to step away, I find myself scouring the Internet for simple, elegant ceramic forms. I find inspiring images, read about the artists and file them away. One of my recent favorites is Sara Paloma Pottery.

Her work is vastly different from mine, in terms of functionality, which is likely why I find it so inspiring. Her signature bottle forms are decorative, artful pieces meant to adorn, perhaps a mantel or bookshelf, and possibly hold a sprig of vegetation. While I see great differences in functionality between her bottle form and my work, there’s a common aesthetic: monotoned vessels with clean, simple lines.

I imagine, if I ever made a bottle, I would want it to stand just as her forms do: easily recognizable and classic yet elegant and soft.

Two characteristics of Mint Peach Home is functionality and ease of use, and these philosophies of intention are actually no different than any I’ve ever had with my work. I’ve always made “useful pots” as my mom calls them, so for now, I’ll leave the bottle making up to Sara Paloma and her perfect aesthetic.

(Images: Sara Paloma Pottery)

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