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by Landis Carey on April 22, 2011

Thursday afternoon was so beautiful. The sun was bright and warm but the wind was still cool; it was the perfect spring day. This tree is blooming away in our front yard. It’s one of the brightest, most colorful trees on the street, so I had to snap a frame to share. A few others are catching up with their bright whiteness.

I’ve been saving some really fun links to share for your weekend; I hope you love them!

This is quite possibly the neatest hotel I’ve ever seen. If your computer has sound, make sure it’s on before clicking. I promise, you’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation just by perusing the images. Click through the opening to The Feel, The Rooms and The View.

A big Thank You to NYC Professional Organizer Amelia Meena for her Living Small Interview! Your organization and style continually inspire me!

Hello, Shaker Pegs. I will introduce you to several rooms in my home, I promise!

Are you up on the sharing, swapping, or selling (practically anything) trend? Check out this A-Z Guide.

Oh, Curtained Closets. You surely saved my space while living in a tiny Chicago apartment. Thank you for the inspiration!

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? We’re meeting family in the city for dinner tonight and then heading to see Benjamin Cartel play at The Living Room. A Saturday with friends in Maplewood followed by a quiet Easter with friends and family. Happy Easter to everyone. XO

(Image: Landis Carey)

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