Frames from Our Weekend

by Landis Carey on March 21, 2011

Major home projects were discussed, but no actual labor was done. It was the beginning of our staycation and we basked in knowing we had full free week ahead. I’m thankful we soaked up the sun on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because this morning we awoke to a spring snowstorm that threw us for a loop.

On Sunday evening we took the train into NYC for dinner with dear friends and to see our neighbor perform at a Manhattan comedy club. We stayed out past curfew and enjoyed every minute of it. As we stood on our town’s train platform the cool wind blew and every surface glowed in the warm golden sun, so I snapped a few frames.

What’s a Sunday without a nap? I’m often amazed by how much fur our cat has. In this frame it’s clear he has no predators and isn’t really sure he’s a cat.

Because it was the first weekend of nice weather, we were able to get outside to weed the garden and inspected every part of our yard and patio. This table took a beating this winter and will need a sanding and refinish. I guess we should have covered it for the winter…we’re learning, we promise!

While I still question many decisions made by our home’s previous owners, one thing they did well was garden. Once the flowers begin blooming, there’s always new color appearing. I found the ones closest to popping and snapped a frame to share. I think they’re jonquils…hopefully they’ll make their appearance by next weekend.

What are we doing on our staycation? We’re not quite sure yet. It will involve a few trips to the city and Brooklyn and maybe a last-minute exotic trip.

(Images: Landis Carey)

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Sally Sherman March 21, 2011 at 10:45 am

What a lovely entry — we all wish we could have sunny, relaxing weekends like yours — followed by a week-long staycation, how great! We lived up north for years, I recall a similar weather pattern in March years ago…sunny, warm weather — a spring teaser — followed on Monday morning, March 13, by snow covering everything in sight.


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