Leaving a Décor Hunt Behind

by Landis Carey on March 8, 2011

I love shopping, especially for our home. Can we get carried away? Yes, absolutely. That’s how we’ve wound-up with a few stray paintings and unwanted nonsense.

A few Saturdays ago we walked into town (a sweet treat of living so close to the village center!) and stopped in one of my favorite shops. We’ve discovered some great finds from Revolution in the past so why not take a look?

I was immediately fixated on the antique window pictured above. It’s from a nearby church built in the 1800s that’s currently undergoing renovations. Neat, right? I thought so, too! While it was reasonably priced and I could see the piece hanging in our home, I didn’t do it. I also didn’t spring for the other pieces I found fun enough to photograph (pictured here).

Sometimes objects strike a chord with your soul and you can’t walk away without them. This is how I felt about that red desk and the Russel Wright folding chairs I picked-up from Zonal Home in San Francisco. By the way, those pieces were delivered late last week! Interested in our big plans for them? Check back on Thursday!

Moral of this post: if you’re considering a purchase (no matter what it is), think of something you absolutely love and has similar purpose. Do you love the object under consideration that much or more? If so, buy it! If not, keep moving!

(Images: Landis Carey)

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