Interiors Mood Board, Step 1: Seek Inspiration, Everywhere

by Landis Carey on March 1, 2011

I’ve never been so diligent about choosing color…

…it’s likely because we spent quite a bit having the interior walls scraped, plastered and painted before moving in. The painters used 30 gallons of plaster while refinishing our walls and ceilings this time last year—it’s not that the house was in bad condition, there were just a few things that hadn’t been properly addressed in about 50 years, and the walls and ceilings fell into that category.

I wasn’t ready to choose color then, so now that I am, I’m obsessing over it.

I am loving our dining room, so here are a few beautiful images I find inspiration in: they are airy, rich and bright, yet warm, color combinations.

(Images: Design Musing, Alkemie, Odi et Amo, House Beautiful)

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ayano ohmi June 28, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Hello, Mint Peach – Landis,
I visited your collection at your home on the community open house day. I had a wonderful time with you. You kindly showed me your studio space. All were so fresh and the way you presented your work, your home was beyond my expectation. Since then, I often think of you. Finally my teaching duty was closed for summer. My mind has been slowly coming back to my own creation. I spent time visiting your w-site, blogs. Wow – so much information! Inspiring. In no time, I needed to stand up from my chair to bring my sketch book on my lap, and started to draw. Thank you very much, Landis.

How is your production moving in your studio these days?
Do you have any plans for summer?

Since I do not have my own kiln in my small studio/bed shed (I call my mouse hole apartment ‘shed’) in Manhattan, I feel a bit envious toward your development and your great setting-up in the lovely community. But I understand that all requires ‘process’, right?!

I’m in NYC until July 5th, then, finally putting myself in a forest in Mexcio – at state of Morelos for a month. Will be back in the beginning of Aug. But please let me know if you have a plan to spend time in NYC before 5th or the mid-end of Aug. Love to get together if possible – before my teaching year starts.

Of course, if I see something exciting and beautiful in Mexico, I will email you.

Thank you again for your wonderful ideas and notes on your w-site/blogs.
So, p r e c i o u s –

Have a good summer!
Ayano ps: Please stay in touch.


Landis Carey June 28, 2011 at 8:55 pm

Thank you for the beautiful note, Ayano! I’m emailing you now! All my best, Landis


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