Oh, the Challenges of…choosing Gray Paint

by Landis Carey on February 22, 2011

Sorry for all the paint talk! I’m on a roll…and I just can’t stop.

Roadblock: I’ve never had a more difficult time choosing a paint hue than I have this time around with gray. Why is it so tricky you ask? Because gray is a neutral, there are so many ways it can appear—muddy, silver, violet, warm or cool, just to name a few—and even more saturations.

I once unsuccessfully chose a muddy gray and disliked it so much I thought of repainting. This time I want it to be clean and cool while complimenting our Surf Blue dining room.

Easy, you say! Not so much. The lighter gray (but only on the wall above) comes off as violet during certain times of the day. Perhaps it’s me being too hesitant, but just to make sure, I’ve painted swatches all over the room (pictured here) and will gauge my reaction over the next few days, until I have time to paint again.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Would LOVE to hear about any gray paints that have worked for you!

(Images: Landis Carey)

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