The Blank Home…That We’re Coloring

by Landis Carey on February 17, 2011

Much like Mint Peach, our home is mostly a blank canvas. Though we’ve acquired a handful of new pieces since arriving—a living room sofa, a kitchen table and chairs, and a media cabinet—we’re still understanding the house’s flow and light patterns…how the space works when we have guests, the difference between summer and winter light, where we spend our time, etc.

One thing I’ve learned from living here for the past 12 months…

Because of the great number of windows, views of green trees and flowering plants are abundant during the summer (as pictured here). It’s lovely, it’s actually one of my favorite things about our home, and it’s something I didn’t discover until months after moving in. But the same is also true during the winter when the trees are barren and the snow is bleak…the lack of color in recent months has left me needing more.

These are a few images I snapped last summer, documenting the space as we progressed, but we actually haven’t moved much past this. Though we’ve added a sofa and a piece artwork to the living room, we haven’t painted or dealt with our living room’s deficient lighting.

Our inaction has been very intentional. When we bought the home it had dark chocolate and taupe walls, wall paper in the bathrooms and kitchen, wall to wall carpeting throughout and giant ceiling fans in every room. After closing and before moving-in we sanded and refinished the floors and painted the interior walls white.  We then had a blank canvas to work with.

More to come as we color our home.

(Images: Landis Carey)

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