DIY Heirloom Fence Headboard via House*Tweaking

by Landis Carey on February 16, 2011

While I love purchasing heirloom-quality furniture, I’ll admit I don’t always jump at the chance of inheriting heirlooms, whether furniture or memorabilia. Double standard, I know.

But I do adore creative ways of integrating family heritage into a space while maintaining your own aesthetic and design intent…which is why I’m loving this DIY Heirloom Fence Headboard. House*Tweaking, in a wonderfully creative way, turned reclaimed wood from their family farm into a thoughtful piece meant for memories and sweet dreams.

Moral of this post: Heirlooms and memorabilia can be creatively reconsidered and adapted for your unique style and your home’s modern needs.  Rethink what’s standard.

(Image: House*Tweaking)

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