Peace Industry Rugs…are we meant to be?

by Landis Carey on February 8, 2011

We’re in the market for a new cool-colored area rug for our living room…I’m thinking its dominant color should be gray (but I am loving the olives and light orange in the rugs below).  Ever since visiting Peace Industry in San Francisco in October, I’ve been dreaming of their simple, modern designs that are not only beautiful, but made sustainably with natural materials.  Design inspirations seen here are from their Flickr stream.

The rug we had previously in our living room (pictured here), although it’s beautiful and handmade, just wasn’t working with the room’s cooler-toned artwork, so I moved it to our master bedroom.  What a difference an area rug makes in a bedroom.  I’m loving the coziness!

So, I’m on the search.  Any good handmade, natural material and affordable options, please send them my way!  I’m trekking through San Francisco again today, so more to come from Peace Industry.

(Images: Peace Industry)

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